Passes Through

  • Creswick
  • Dean
  • Mollongghip
  • Sailors Falls
  • Daylesford

Wallaby Track

Creswick to Daylesford
53km walk or 49km ride traversing the Great Dividing Range between Daylesford, Mollongghip, Dean and Creswick

Wombat Forest Walk/Ride

Wombat Station – Lake Daylesford   19 km walk or 18.2 km ride

Maps 14 – 16 of the Goldfields Track Walk or Ride Guide

Thanks to the riches brought by gold, by the end of the 1880s Victoria had an extensive network of railways. Wombat Station is one example of many once-busy stations and sidings on the Ballarat to Daylesford railway line, which was built in 1887 and finally closed in the 1950s.

The track goes from the former station over a huge embankment (check out the brick tunnel underneath) and goes into a huge and deep railway cutting, now in the middle of the Wombat State Forest!

As you walk you are walking over the main fibre-optic cable, through which this website is coming!

The walk goes through the White Point Diggings and right past the beautiful Sailors Falls and mineral spring before following the creek valleys to Daylesford via Lake Daylesford.  The ride takes a more westerly route north of Telegraph Road for 3.6 km.

An entry station is located at Lake Daylesford.


Sailors Falls


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