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  • Creswick
  • Dean
  • Mollongghip
  • Sailors Falls
  • Daylesford

Wallaby Track

Creswick to Daylesford
53km walk or 49km ride traversing the Great Dividing Range between Daylesford, Mollongghip, Dean and Creswick

Wallaby Track

Entry Points to the Wallaby Track

Wallaby Track Elevation Model

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The Wallaby Track, part of what was previously known as the Federation Track, crosses the Great Dividing Range near Barkstead between Ballarat and Daylesford.

The Great Divide also marks the boundary of two Aboriginal Nations – the Djadja Wurrung to the north and the Watha Wurrung to the south.

Commemorating the Centenary of Federation, the former Federation Track acknowledged the contribution of the trade union leader W. G. Spence to the formation of Federation. Spence was brought up in a slab and bark hut near Creswick and rose to become the first president of the powerful Shearers Union and a founding member of the first Federal Australian Parliament. At the time of Federation in 1901, the area was one of the most densely settled mining and rural areas in Australia.

It was officially renamed the Wallaby Track by Steve Moneghetti in November 2006 to coincide with the addition of the Ballarat – Mount Buninyong section (which has since been excised to create the Eureka Track) in recognition of the characteristic Black Wallabies found along much of the forested parts of the track.


Swearing allegiance to the Southern Cross
Water color by Charles Doudiet, 1854. Collection: Ballarat Fine Art Gallery


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