Passes Through

  • Daylesford
  • Blackwood
  • Bacchus Marsh

Lerderderg Track

Bacchus Marsh to Daylesford
90km following the Lerderderg River Valley

Simmons Reef Walk

Balt Camp – Blackwood  18.5km

This walk takes you from the Balt Camp – on Camp Road – down into the catchment and headwaters of the Lerderderg River. While there are small seasonal streams in some of the wetter gullies – you should always carry water prior to getting to the Lerderderg River itself. There are some good views, some ferny gullies and some older trees on parts this walk. There is also some unusual, stunted high-altitude vegetation – including stands of Hakea on rocky ridges, exposed to seasonal extremes of temperature and moisture.

Access to the Balt Camp is from the east via the Spargo – Blakeville and Camp Roads, or via camp Road from Bullarto South.

There is space for car parking off the road at the Balt camp and also at Nolan’s Creek.

Nolan’s Creek Picnic Ground (with a picnic shelter) is along the walk near the junction of Nolan’s Creek Road and Lerderderg Road (that leads back to Blackwood).

Beyond Nolan’s Creek picnic ground the walk follows the picturesque and ferny Lerderderg River Heritage Trail most of the way to Blackwood. This 9 km section between Nolan’s Creek and Blackwood is a good, safe introduction to the GDT. Good drinking water is sometimes (but not always) available from the river nearby.

The track passes the highly regarded Garden of St Erth at Simmons Reef and is worth a visit if you are in not in a hurry.

There are a hotel, a general store and a caravan park with on-site vans in Blackwood.


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