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  • Daylesford
  • Blackwood
  • Bacchus Marsh

Lerderderg Track

Bacchus Marsh to Daylesford
90km following the Lerderderg River Valley

Greaves Mill Walk

Lake Daylesford – Leonards Hill Rd  13.5km

This walk takes you from Lake Daylesford along the south eastern fringes of Daylesford township to Jubilee Lake, and then through part of the Wombat Forest to the top of the Great Dividing Range east of Leonard’s Hill. You should buy the Lerderderg Map (also available from the Daylesford Information Centre a short distance southwards down Vincent Street from the Daylesford PO).

Access is available via a lakeside walk to the left of the Boathouse (where there is parking). The walk is marked from the entry station on the Lake Daylesford embankment. Walk first around the west then north side of Lake Daylesford. The track leaves the lake on the opposite side to the Boathouse and heads up the hill to cross the Ballan – Daylesford Road, one block along Stanbridge Street and right into the skate park. From this point follow the GDT posts along a track towards Jubilee Lake.

You will see lots of woody weed infestation (mainly gorse and blackberry – along the edge of the track to Jubilee Lake – an indication of the extensive gold mining that caused massive soil disturbance in this area around a century ago. Once in the forest will see evidence of very recent hardwood logging and regrowth from over a century of previous logging.

As you approach the top of the Divide you are 725 metres above sea levels – 200 metres above Daylesford and usually cooler and wetter than Daylesford itself. Once you leave Jubilee Lake there is generally no surface water because the track is manly on ridges.

Lake Daylesford


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