Passes Through

  • Daylesford
  • Blackwood
  • Bacchus Marsh

Lerderderg Track

Bacchus Marsh to Daylesford
90km following the Lerderderg River Valley

Gorge View Walk

Mt Blackwood – Swans Rd  12km

Both Mount Blackwood Road and Swan’s Road are sealed and accessible from Bacchus Marsh in all weather.

There are no services – and being mostly on ridges, there is seldom any surface water. You need to carry water at all times. While some tracks leave the GDT and head down towards the Lerderderg River where there is water, the 300 metre deep river gorge itself is very, very steep and difficult and dangerous terrain to walk in without good planning, knowledge, bushcraft and maps.

With all of these cautions in mind, the Gorge View Walk itself, though steep at times (the track drops 400 metres from Mount Blackwood to Swan’s Road over the 12.6 km), is picturesque, diverse and interesting – mostly along minor vehicle tracks and with some excellent views over parts of the lower river gorge.


Page last updated 29 December 2014