Passes Through

  • Daylesford
  • Blackwood
  • Bacchus Marsh

Lerderderg Track

Bacchus Marsh to Daylesford
90km following the Lerderderg River Valley

Lerderderg Track

Entry Points to the Lerderderg Track

Bacchus Marsh to Blackwood Track Elevation Model

Blackwood to Lake Daylesford Track Elevation Model

Lerderderg Track Intermediate Distance Matrix

The Great Dividing Trail concept, as originally envisaged in 1992, involved three Stages, all of which are now complete. The Great Dividing Trail Association later added the Lerderderg Track between Daylesford and Bacchus Marsh.

Please note that some parts of the Lerderderg Track are not suitable for mountain bike riding.

The Great Dividing Trail Association received strong support from the Shire of Moorabool, Parks Victoria, Friends of the Lerderderg and the Victorian State Goverment for the completion of this second half of the Lerderderg Track to Bacchus Marsh.

Richard Piesse was the Great Dividing Trail Project Leader for this Lerderderg Track extension.

NOTE: (January 2011) A reminder that if you begin your walk from the Daylesford end you’ll notice light grey posts (with the GDT logo) from Jubilee Lake for several kms. These are DELWP posts and have replaced the green GDT posts that were burned in the February 2009 fires.


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