Passes Through

  • Castlemaine
  • Chewton
  • Expedition Pass
  • Mt Alexander
  • Bendigo

Leanganook Track

Castlemaine and Bendigo
61km walk or 59km ride between Castlemaine and Bendigo.

Coliban Water Walk/Ride

Sutton Grange Rd – Sandhurst Reservoir  19.9 km  Walk or Ride

Maps 29 – 32 of the Goldfields Track Walk or Ride Guide

This Walk follows the remarkable Coliban Channel, constructed during the gold era to bring permanent water to Bendigo all the way from the Great Dividing Range, some 70km away. The ambitious scheme involved diverting the Coliban River, south of Malmsbury, towards Bendigo via gravity-fed channels and aqueducts. An engineering gem, the Coliban Water System includes over 20 reservoirs and more than 500km of open channels. It is registered under the Victorian Heritage Act.

Starting at Sutton Grange Rd, this walk follows the concrete channel through paddocks, punctuated at regular intervals by startling, almost sculptural, engineering features. Features on this section of track include Wirths tunnel (623m long), granite flume pillars for holding up a wooden flume: a raised aqueduct for carrying water across a gully head and ‘The falls and dissipators’. These are probably the most extraordinary features of the Coliban Water System. As the water drops from the plateau to the plains, it passes over two artificial bluestone-block waterfalls, set in the course of the channel, less than a kilometre apart. The second set of falls at Cuneens Gully has an added dissipator, There is a camping ground to the north of Cuneens Gully. By Sandhurst Reservoir this walk along the Coliban Channel passes through Box Ironbark forest, in the shallow soils formed on the Bendigo shales and slates with their famous gold bearing saddle reefs.


Falls and Dissipator on Coliban Water Channel


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