Passes Through

  • Daylesford
  • Hepburn
  • Mt Franklin
  • Vaughan Springs
  • Fryerstown
  • Castlemaine

Dry Diggings Track

Daylesford to Castlemaine
60km walk amongst historic goldfields relics

Cry Joe Walk

Vaughan Springs РCastlemaine Station   19.5 km

This section is extremely rich in mining heritage. It goes past a number of historic mines and through a number of mined and sluiced gullies. It also passes through the historic township of Fryerstown and the former mining towns of Irishtown and Spring Gully.

Walkers are encouraged to leave the Trail and investigate several of the historic mining sites and buildings around Fryerstown and Spring Gully. Please respect the privacy of people who live in many of these buildings.

The section between Castlemaine and The Monk (a large hill with a stunning view) follows the Poverty Gully Water Race into Castlemaine.

An entry station is located at the Fryerstown old school, a building which is being refurbished by the local Fryerstown community. The grounds are available for camping and there is a wood barbecue, an external water point and external showers. Email Tim Todhunter for bookings.


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