Passes Through

  • Daylesford
  • Hepburn
  • Mt Franklin
  • Vaughan Springs
  • Fryerstown
  • Castlemaine

Dry Diggings Track

Daylesford to Castlemaine
60km walk amongst historic goldfields relics

Mt Franklin View Walk/Ride

Hepburn Springs Reserve – Porcupine Ridge Rd   14.7 km  easy/medium

The region’s best known volcano, Mt Franklin, has a breached crater formed half a million years ago. You can view it from the Trail, but you will need to make an 8km return side trip by walking or driving west along the Midland Highway to camp on its crater floor.

Toilets and picnic facilities are available here.

There are two prolonged climbs in this walk – one near the beginning (the perhaps appropriately named Widow’s Gully), the other near the end.

From Hepburn Springs the Walk goes up into dry box forest around the old mining settlement of Dry Diggings. It includes a number of significant mine sites either side of the Track, particularly in Beehive Gully.

The Hepburn Springs entry station is located at the southern end car park of the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve.

Use the Dry Diggings Track map.


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