Downloadable GPX Files

You are welcome to download these GPX files free of charge.

With a GPX file loaded into your GPS-enabled device you should find navigating your way along any part of the Great Dividing Trail (Goldfields Track) an easy task. Note that these files are for the Goldfields Track walk route and do not include the mountain bike route where it departs from the walk route.

Don’t expect to see any meaningful data if you attempt to open a GPX file – its main use is in mapping software and for GPS device upload.

Select a file from the list below by simply clicking on the “Download” text, then follow the Save instructions.

From Bacchus Marsh Station to Lake Daylesford via Lerderderg State Park, Blackwood and Jubilee Lake.

Includes links to Ballarat and Creswick Rail Stations, Dean Hall and Sailors Falls.  Please note that the steps leading to and from the Sailors Falls Picnic Ground are closed for re-construction.  This file includes the track realignment in Nerrina Historic Area done in May 2017.

Includes links to Daylesford Visitor Information Centre, Hepburn Springs Reserve and Castlemaine Rail Station.

It is possible to bypass Castlemaine by using this route.

Includes Castlemaine and Bendigo Rail Stations.

This file covers the two connections from the GDT proper to the Leanganook Camping Ground.

This file provides the main walking or riding circuit from Ararat Rail Station.

Load the GPX file into your GPS, and with your copy of the Goldfields Track Walking Guide and the relevant Great Dividing Trail map (both available from our Online Shop ), you should have all you’ll need to find your way along the Great Dividing Trail.

Happy Walking!

Page last updated: 06 June 2017