The Great Dividing Trail is a major integrated walking track

The Great Dividing Trail (GDT) consists of four interconnecting major Tracks, (Dry Diggings, Wallaby (incorporating the former Federation Track), Lerderderg and Leanganook Tracks). Each major Track consists of minor thematic walks (such as the Miners Walk), which can be easily accessed for day Walks. All four tracks are now complete, with consistent signage, design, entry stations and maps, produced by the Association. All major entry points are accessible by public transport as well as by road from smaller centres, with the possibility of overnight Accommodation and camping.

During 2011 the main, north-south ‘spine’ of the GDT (connecting the Goldfields towns of Buninyong, Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford, Castlemaine & Bendigo) was renamed as the Goldfields Track and now allows use by mountain bikes (see GDTmtb page).

GDTA Mission

To plan, develop, maintain and market a linked network of public walking tracks through public land in Central Victoria and to provide regular walking and mountain bike experiences for members.


An iconic network of easily accessible, high quality walking and shared mtb tracks of State, National and International significance that link commmunities in Central Victoria.

The walking and mtb tracks provide access to bushland and heritage for the enjoyment of local people and visitors, creating economic opportunities for various service providers in the Central Victorian Region.

We hope to eventually link the Goldfields, via walking and mountain bike tracks, to the Grampians and the Australian Alps, and Melbourne to the Murray River.

The Trail and its associated infrastructure aims:

  • To get people to feel that whenever they are on a small part of the Trail, they are appropriately informed, can find their way and feel they are connected to something much bigger and with much more potential to explore and to revisit.
  • To provide a diverse range of walking, recreational, educational and touring possibilities from very short strolls to major overnight walks.
  • To provide opportunities for related activities for walkers: for staying overnight, eating locally and taking side routes.
  • To traverse country which is deliberately diverse: climatically, ecologically aesthetically and historically.
  • To link some of the best natural and cultural features across an entire region.
  • To provide a diverse range of recreational, cultural, educational and tourist experiences.

Because reserved forest and other public land is not continuous across the region, the Great Dividing Trail sometimes parallels minor roads, involves street walks and minor walking across open country.

Safety Information

During the fire season an update on fire affected areas throughout the State can be obtained from the ParkWeb. Click on the bushfire information and then click on Draft Access Reopening Strategy.

Great Dividing Trail Tips

CLICK HERE to download the Great Dividing Trail Tips & Guidelines brochure.

The ‘Tips’ leaflet has handy tips about food, how to find your way, preparation for walking and safety advice.

The GDTA carefully prepares its advice, website, publications and maps based on the best information available at the time of publication. Intending walkers should seek up to date, local advice about adverse weather and fire conditions that may affect the safety of the track and make walking inadvisable. Walking on days of total fire ban is never recommended. In most summers even the major rivers can be dry and water MUST be carried. Some creek and river crossings can nevertheless be prone to flooding after heavy rain. Some sections of the track are subject to temporary diversions by land managers. Please send feedback to GDTA to report problems with the track, signage or shelters that are likely to affect the safety of the public/other walkers.

In case of emergency, closure of parts of the walking track may be necessary (eg as a result of bush fire or flood. The GDTA has prepared signs advising people not to walk or divert around these sections until further notice. We always rely on feedback from walkers and land managers about problems with the track, signs or infrastructure. Please report problems by email to

Page last updated: 06 December 2012.