Hancock Victorian Plantations

Please note that Hancock Victorian Plantations (HVP) is currently carrying out works on their Petticoat plantation adjacent to the western side of Slatey Creek Road north of Wolfes Road. This location is between Chapel Flat and Creswick Regional Park on the Creswick Miners Walk. See Map 7 of the Goldfields Track Walking and Cycling Guide.

Only the Goldfields Track cycling route along Slatey Creek Road is affected. Logging trucks are using Slatey Creek Road in connection with this work.

HVP is a valued partner of the Goldfields Track and understands the needs of walkers and cyclists who use the track. During logging operations HVP staff will be on the lookout for track users, but at the same time we must play our part and respect their need to manage their plantations.

Loddon River at Vaughan Springs

Due to recent heavy rain falls, the Loddon River is at higher than usual  levels.  As a result the current mountain bike diversion around Vaughan is impassible.

The alternative bridge crossing is under water and is NOT SAFE to cross.

Unfortunately the walking route at the Vaughan Springs picnic area is also currently under water. The Loddon is flowing very fast and strong and track users should not attempt to use either crossing.

Track users going northwards should branch eastwards (right) at Helge Track (Map 21 Point 24) to the Drummond-Vaughan Road, and turn left there to rejoin the GT at the intersection with the Vaughan-Chewton Road (Map 21 near point 28). Obviously, southbound users should track in the reverse direction.

Please report track issues

As we are an organisation of volunteers, we are not always able to keep up with awareness of current track conditions on every kilometre of the GDT.  Therefore we are always pleased and grateful to receive reports from track users regarding maintenance issues such as trees over tracks, missing or damaged posts and other assets, severe erosion and vandalism.

In conjunction with the relevant land manager we will try to attend to any problem as promptly as possible.

Please send details to Track Maintenance .
If possible include GPS co-ordinates.


Revised Goldfields Track Walking & Cycling Guide Released

The Goldfields Track Walking Guide has been reprinted with some minor revisions, such as the inclusion of the water tank site on the Coliban Channel and better instructions for cyclists on bypassing Mt Alexander. It’s also now titled as “a walking and cycling guide.”

The GDTA’s Goldfields Track Walking Guide was awarded the Historical Interpretation Award for the Victorian Community History Awards 2012.

Orders can be made online from the Goldfields Track website as well as the GDTA.

A fully revised guide is expected to be completed in early 2017, which will incorporate proposed new walking and cycling routes through the Canadian Forest Park at Ballarat, the heritage-rated La Gerche Track at Creswick and the Bendigo Bushland Trail.



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Lerderderg Track Map

The Lerderderg Track map is again available.
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Parks Victoria News

Parks Victoria have issued information regarding the closed Sailors Falls steps.

CLICK HERE to view.

Most walking trails in the Hepburn Regional Park have received track clearing maintenance works and minor erosion works by Parks Victoria staff in the past few months.  This includes the Wallaby and Dry Diggings Tracks between Sailors Falls and Woman’s Gully.

Resulting from the Goldfields Track audit currently taking place, discussions are being held with Parks Victoria staff at Creswick re track maintenance in Creswick Regional Park and Nerrina Historic Area. Minor works will be done by GDTA personnel with Parks staff looking after the larger jobs.


Leanganook Track News

A water tank has been installed on the Leanganook Track.

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Walkers can download   free of charge   GPX track files for the  Great Dividing Trail (Goldfields Track). The Lerderderg Track (Bacchus Marsh to Daylesford) is also available.
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The Great Dividing Trail network comprises nearly 300 km of tracks that traverse the top of the Great Dividing Range in central Victoria.


Lerderderg Track

The Lerderderg Track links Daylesford, Blackwood and Bacchus Marsh.


Download the Federation University Circuit Walk map and the Ararat Circuit Walk map brochure.

It is planned to add more circuit walks in the near future.


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Guided Walks

The GDTA leads a range of guided walks for members.  Visitors are welcome.  See our 2016 program.


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