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A nest of European wasps has been encountered close to the Lerderderg Track between Whalebone Road and the Blackwood Mineral Springs Reserve.  A walker was attacked by them on April 27 sustaining many painful bites. Approx MGA94 Zone 55 coordinates are 262130E 5849590N.

DELWP, the land manager for this section of track, has been advised and is taking remedial action over the next few days.

In the meantime, walkers are advised to avoid the area.


Please report track issues

As we are an organisation of volunteers, we are not always able to keep up with awareness of current track conditions on every kilometre of the GDT. Therefore we are always pleased and grateful to receive reports from track users regarding maintenance issues such as trees over tracks, missing or damaged posts and other assets, severe erosion and vandalism.
In conjunction with the relevant land manager we will try to attend to any problem as promptly as possible.
Please complete the form below and click on the ‘Send to GDTA’ button.

Track Issue Report



Wombat State Forest & Hepburn Regional Park

DELWP has advised that it plans to carry out fuel management burns in Autumn this year in two locations on the Goldfields Track and one on the Lerderderg Track.

  1. Along 10 kilometres of the Goldfields Track in the Wombat State Forest between Wombat Station and Telegraph Road.  CLICK HERE for map
  2. Along 2 sections of the Goldfields Track in Hepburn Regional Park south-west and west of Daylesford, the first being about 600 metres on each side of Old Ballarat Road, Sailors Hill, and the second from a point just north of Twin Bridges to Tipperary Springs.  CLICK HERE
  3.  On the Lerderderg Track in Blackwood between Martin Street and the Blackwood Springs Caravan Park.

Further advice will be published when available.

Parks Victoria News

Canadian Regional Park

Read about the plans Parks Victoria has for the new park.  Canadian RP Update

CLICK HERE to view latest news specific to Hepburn and Creswick Regional Parks

Further details re closure of Goldfields Track through the former Creswick Koala Park  – CLICK HERE


Revised Goldfields Track Walking & Cycling Guide Released

The Goldfields Track Walking Guide has been reprinted with some minor revisions, such as the inclusion of the water tank site on the Coliban Channel and better instructions for cyclists on bypassing Mt Alexander. It’s also now titled as “a walking and cycling guide.”

The GDTA’s Goldfields Track Walking Guide was awarded the Historical Interpretation Award for the Victorian Community History Awards 2012.

Orders can be made online from the Goldfields Track website as well as the GDTA.

A fully revised guide is expected to be completed in mid-2017, which will incorporate proposed new walking and cycling routes along the Canadian Creek Trail in Ballarat and on the heritage-rated La Gerche Track at Creswick.  Several other minor re-routing will also be included.



Goldfields Track Special Offer

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Lerderderg Track Map

The Lerderderg Track map is again available.
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Walkers can download   free of charge   GPX track files for the  Great Dividing Trail (Goldfields Track). The Lerderderg Track (Bacchus Marsh to Daylesford) is also available.
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The Great Dividing Trail network comprises nearly 300 km of tracks that traverse the top of the Great Dividing Range in central Victoria.


Lerderderg Track

The Lerderderg Track links Daylesford, Blackwood and Bacchus Marsh.


Download the Federation University Circuit Walk map and the Ararat Circuit Walk map brochure.

It is planned to add more circuit walks in the near future.


Purchase the award-winning Goldfields Track Walking & Cycling Guide and GDTA maps from our Membership and Online Shop and download the latest Goldfields Track FAQ sheet.


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